General Lab Equipments

  • Sampling Trays

    Product Code : GLE001

    These trays are used to keep samples in it for heating in the oven. Sizes Available : 254x254x38mm 306x306x38mm 460x460x50mm 500x400x120mm 610x305x50mm 610x610x63mm 400x400x50mm 760x460x63mm 760x760x63mm 910x610x76mm 910x910x76mm 1040x1040x76m...

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  • Measuring Tapes

    Product Code : GLE002

    To measure dimensions in mm, cm, inches, feet, metres available in Steel, Metal Wired, Fibre Glass. Size 3mtrs, 5mtrs, 7.5mtrs, 15 mtrs, 30 mtrs, 50 mtrs, 100 mtrs....

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  • Graduated Measuring Jars

    Product Code : GLE003

    These are commonly used at site for measurement of Silt & Sand, to measure the quantities of liquids these are available in Ordinary Glass, Polypropylene Plastic, Borosilicate Glass, Soda Glass. Capacity available form 5ml to 2000ml....

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  • Laboratory Thermometers

    Product Code : GLE004

    Chemical thermometers made up of high class glass capillary with prominent mercury or alcohol column as per requirement for accurate results for Research Laboratories, Institutes, Schools, Colleges, General laboratories in private sectors. Range avai...

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  • Dial Thermometers

    Product Code : GLE005

    Dial Thermometers are useful for measuring the temperature of Soil, Bitumen or any hot material where inserting glass thermometer is risk from breakage point of view. These are essentially bi-metallic thermometers, bimetal element is enclosed in a ho...

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  • Room Thermometer

    Product Code : GLE006

    Types of room thermometer are normal room thermometer. Range: -30 to +60șC...

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  • Dial Gauge

    Product Code : GLE007

    Used for talking measuring settlements of Soil, used in Marshall Stability test apparatus, CBR Test Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus to measure de-fomalities, strains, displacements in general. Range 0-5mm x 0.002mm, 0-10mm x 0.01mm, ...

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  • Scoops

    Product Code : GLE008

    Scoops are used for transferring Soil, Cement, Aggregate or Any Other Grainy Material Or Powder. They are made up of Stainless Steel/Aluminium fitted with handle....

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  • Water Bath (6 Holes)

    Product Code : GLE009

    Rectangular water bath double walled construction, inner reservoir of stainless steel. Outer body in mild steel with glass wool insulation in between, supplied with lid having one hole of 12.5cms dia & 6 holes of 7.5 cms dia. Concentric rings with li...

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  • Universal Water Bath (Serological Type)

    Product Code : GLE010

    Double walled inner chamber in stainless steel outer chamber in mild steel temperature range Ambient to 100° C controlled by capillary thermostat. Accuracy ± 1° C operated on 230V A.C. Single Phase. These baths are suitable for washing Marshall speci...

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