Blood Banking Equipments

  • Blood Bag Sealer

    Product Code : BBE001

    To seal the tube of blood bag containing blood without causing Haemolysis, leakage of blood and able to separate by pulling. Accepts tube of maximum diameter of 6 mm for sealing. Very compact design and has lightweight model & Protection against elec...

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  • Blood Bank Freezers

    Product Code : BBE002

    These Blood Banks are designed to meet all modern requirements for conserving whole Blood and other specific products used in Medicine such as vaccines, reagents, cultures, processing and storing of Blood. Standard double walled construction, inner...

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  • Blood Monitor

    Product Code : BBE003

    Provides efficient mixing of blood with anticoagulant in blood bag with 10-12 Cycles/min. Fully automatic microprocessor based machine and light in weight. Automatic termination of blood collection, when blood volume collected reaches to preset volum...

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  • Syringe Needle Destroyer

    Product Code : BBE004

    Scientific research has discovered that used syringe and needle are very dangerous to human which can cause incurable disease like AIDS, Hepatitis and many more. A unique machine has been developed by \"TEKNIK\" to destroy both i.e. needle and syring...

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