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Manufacturer and exporters of Laboratory Equipment | Analytical Instruments | Biotech Equipment. Analytical  Measurements Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Instruments for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical  and Research Laboratories including Thermal Cyclers, CO2 Incubators,Gel Documentation,Freezer, Freeze Dryer, Microplate Reader, Balances, Pipettors, Centrifuge, Freezer and Microscope lab equipment, lab equipments, lab supply, lab supplies, analytical instrument, analytical instruments, equipment, equipments, laboratory equipment, laboratory equipments, laboratory supply, laboratory supplies, equipments supply, equipment laboratory, equipment supplies, biotechnology laboratory, biotechnology, scientific, Scientific Lab equipments, Scientific Lab Equipment, Scientific equipments, instruments, general laboratory, equipment links, analyzer, PCR products, Thermal Cyclers, Thermal Cycler, Centrifuges, Centrifuge, Spectrophotometers, spectrophotometer, freezer, mixer, balances, microscopes,lab equipments, lab supplies,  analytical instruments,  equipments,  Laboratories equipments,  Laboratories supplies,  equipment Laboratories, equipment supplies, biotechnology Laboratories, biotechnologys, scientific, Scientific Lab equipments, Scientific equipments, instruments, general Laboratories, equipment links, analyzers, PCR products, Thermal Cyclers,Centrifuges,  Spectrophotometers,  freezers, mixers, balances
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We are manufacturers of Analytical Lab Equipments India, Analytical Equipments, Analytical Equipments Exporters, Analytical Lab Instruments

HPLC, Digital UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Semi Auto Chemistry Analyzer, Digital Flame Photometer, Digital Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor KF Moisture Titration, Digital Nephelo Meter, Microprocessor pH Meter, Photo Colorimeter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Digital TDS Meter, Digital Salinity Meter Equipments.

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Plastic Wash Bottles 5~50L Jackson Enterograph Marshall Stability Test Apparatus Isolated Organ Baths Student Nerve-muscle Assembly Digital Temperature Indicator Ideal Respiration Pump : (v.r.v.s.) Heating Mantle Paraffin Embedding Bath Digital Conductivity Freezing Microtome Specimen Jar Automatic Compactor Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang Model) Flame Photo Meter Operating Table (improved) Animal Holders : (dogs Commercial Refrigerator Time Marker Biological Tissue Embedding Center VVVF Double-layer Glass Reactor 40~800kg/bitch Direct Shear (Electronic 12 Speed Motorised) Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Automatic steel-knife grinder Pocket Penetrometer Plastic Limit Test Boss Heads 128L/228L/308L Digital pH Meter Economic series 120L ~ 560L Electronic theodolite Flash Point 0.18~0.27m2 Shrinkage Limit Set Hair Aesthesiometer Assembly For Mammalian Classes Trowels Room Thermometer Mechanical Strhomour Digital Auto Colorimeter water cooler bath -40C Laboratory/Medical Freezer Upright 60L/126L/270L/318L/358L Rotary Senior Microtome (Spencer 820 Type) 40~20C Immersion Circulator Chiller membrane pump Vibration Microtome Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless)  
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