Microtomy Equipments

  • Automatic Razor Sharpner (Arthur Thomas Type)

    Product Code : ME001

    A heavy duty sharpening machine for razors upto 300 mm length. It is equipped with large round hard surface plate with one side ground and other side polished for various sharpening operations. Complete with universal knife holder having automatic re...

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  • Automatic Razor Sharpners (Spencer Type)

    Product Code : ME002

    A streamlined automatic microtome knife sharpner with electric timer coupled with simple operation for razors upto 185 mm on both the wedges. Working machanism encased in aluminium cover and front portion covered with clear acrylic canopy to observe ...

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  • Automatic Tissue Processor

    Product Code : ME003

    Compact and versatile equipment for staining process automisation from stage one of fixation of tissue and dehydration process to paraffin wax saturation. Glass door with locking arrangement provides easy viewing and safety from tempering. Continuous...

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  • Cryostat Microtome

    Product Code : ME004

    Most versatile section cutting machine for quick sectioning of tissues instantly freezed on built-in rapid freeze stage for Biological, veterinary and Medical diagnostic biopsies etc. The Microtome complete made of brass & stainless steel is placed i...

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  • Freezing Microtome

    Product Code : ME005

    Versatile sectioning machine for quick processing of frozen material by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. Table clamping is provided. Suitable to cut sections upto 40 microns in steps of 5 microns each. Technical Features : Freezing stage :...

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  • Microtomy Accessories (At extra cost)

    Product Code : ME006

    Razor Attachment : for use of safety blade in place of Microtome Razor. Microtome Razor : Fabricated out of grain tool steel heat treated and tested for microstructures, both side wedges with back & handle in wooden box. Size : 120 mm, 140 mm, 160...

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  • Paraffin Embedding Bath

    Product Code : ME007

    Body made of mild steel sheet duly painted. Top made of M.S./S.S. sheet. Complete with wax pots with covers. Temperature ambient to 70C controlled by a thermostat to work on 220V AC 50 Hz single phase. (i) 4 cups and 6 glass tubes. (ii) 6 cups and...

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  • Paraffin Dispenser (Embedding Bath-Single)

    Product Code : ME008

    Double walled, both made of stainless steel sheet, gap filled with glass wool for temp. insulation. Temperature range ambient to 70C controlled by hydrolic type thermostat. Complete with handle, pilot lamp, Temp. Control Knob, cord-plug etc. To work ...

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  • Rotary Senior Microtome (Spencer 820 Type)

    Product Code : ME009

    Standard latest sectioning equipment for cutting serial sections in Medical & Biological research work. The mechanism is protected by a hinged cover. Precise feed mechanism to cut sections from 1-50 microns in steps of 1 micron each. Provided with sa...

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  • Rotary Microtome (Erma Type)

    Product Code : ME010

    Simple but versatile rotary microtome for cutting of uniform sections upto 25 microns in steps of 1 micron each. The internal structure is completely encased in a metallic cover. Selected alloys are used in fabrication of the machine and razor. Acce...

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