Pharmacology Equipments

  • Manometers

    Product Code : PE001

    All Manometers are fabricated from true-bore Borosilicate glass, floats are perfectly lapped to eliminate leakage and are fitted with feather weight Stainless Steel capilary....

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  • Adjustable Stand

    Product Code : PE002

    Complete with 38 cms. high upright with quick tangential adjustment & clamp nut....

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  • After-load lever

    Product Code : PE003

    With supporting screw & holes for attaching muscles....

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  • Animal Cages

    Product Code : PE004

    Stainless Steel bar 50mm size with universal joint....

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  • Animal Head Holders (universal

    Product Code : PE005

    For Rabbits, Cats, Guinea Pigs & Small dogs etc...

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  • Animal Holders : (dogs, Cats

    Product Code : PE006

    Stainless Steel bar 50mm size with universal joint...

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  • Animal Holders (small Animals)

    Product Code : PE007

    Single U & ring pattern, 38 mm with universal joint....

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  • Animal Operation Tables/ Holders

    Product Code : PE008

    Suitable for Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs and such like small animals. Top is of Stainless Steel and provided with adjustable head holder, tie-cleats, cut-back at the head-end with warming chambers....

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  • Apparatus For Isolated Uterus, Intestine

    Product Code : PE009

    Complete on a Teak base board / Acrylic sheet & bath. Complete with uprights, organ & oxygen tubes, capillary tubing, frontal lever. Temperature by immersion heater controlled by a Thermostat....

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  • Assembly For Mammalian Classes

    Product Code : PE010

    A versatile assembly serving both for heart perfusion and as on all-purpose thermostatic organ bath. The transparent perspex bath is 12\"x9\"x8\" and rests on a metal stand: a 1\"x3/8\" thick edge at the top makes clamps etc. carrying the uprights an...

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