Petroleum Testing Instruments

  • Cloud & Pour Point

    Product Code : PTI001

    Low temperature properties of oils are evaluated by cloud point tests. ZI P 102 Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus : Consists of one each of : ZI P 10201 Bath with cover, fitted with a Drain Cock ZI P 10202 Jacket, to receive Test Jar ZI P 10...

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  • Flash Point

    Product Code : PTI002

    For determining the flash and fire points of petroleum products, except fuel oils and those products having and open cup flash below 79oC (175oC) ZI P 103 Flash Point (Open) and Fire Point Cleveland, Electrical Heating with NPL Certificate ZI P ...

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  • Abel Flash Point Apparatus

    Product Code : PTI003

    Abel Flash Point Apparatus with NPL Certificate Electrical Heating, with gas test jet and electric heater with ZI P 10502. Energy regulator. Suitable for operation on 220V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply. For determining closed cup flash point of ...

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  • Flash Point Pensky Matrens (Closed)

    Product Code : PTI004

    Flash Point Pensky Matrens (Closed) apparatus with NPL Ceritficate,Electrical Heating, with gas test jet and electric heater with ZI P 10303. Energy regulator. Suitable for operation on 22V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply. Complete in wooden carrying...

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  • Redwood Viscometer

    Product Code : PTI005

    These instrument are used for determining the viscosity of all oils, expressed in Redwood Seconds at the temp. of test as called for by IP 70. Both the types of viscometers, Redwood no. 1 and Redwood no. 2 electrical heating models are available. The...

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  • Saybolt Viscometer

    Product Code : PTI006

    Saybot Viscometer, Electrically Heated, ASTM D 88, D244, AASHTO T 72 for the empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperature between 70F and 210F. This is also used for determining the Saybolt Furol viscosi...

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  • Standard Tar Viscometer

    Product Code : PTI007

    For determining the viscosity of cut back bitumen and road oil. The viscometer consists of a chrome plated copper bath, with a drain valve and a central tube to receive the test cup and to position the stirrer, and is mounted on a stand with levellin...

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  • Flow Cup

    Product Code : PTI008

    ZI P 120 Flow Cup no.4 with NPL calibration certificate. IS:3944 ZI P 121 Flow Cup no.4 without NPL calibration certificate. IS:3944 Simple flow cup of the efflux type is used for approximate measurements of apparent viscosity for control of ...

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  • Pressure Resistance

    Product Code : PTI009

    For determining pressure resistance properties of ready mixed paints and enamels by applying 1.81 kg load through a steel ball on two superimposed painted panels for five minutes and observing whether the base metal is visible. Complete with one stee...

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  • Scratch Hardness

    Product Code : PTI010

    For determining the scratch hardness of ready mixed paints and enamels, which is the minimum load required to produce a scratch showing the bare metal surface of the painted panel. The apparatus consist of a 1mm dia hemispherical stainless steel need...

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